What are the Safety Features of the Land Rover Range Rover Sport?

October 21st, 2017 by

Land Rover Range Rover Sport

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Dynamic traction control, high-performance braking, advanced airbags, and more innovative features make up the impressive suite of safety features available with Land Rover Range Rover Sport.

Active safety features

The Land Rover Range Rover Sport safety features include a suite of advanced safety systems that help drivers take control of the road:

  • Single point entry: Drivers can choose to unlock only the driver’s door to the vehicle more secure when driving at night or alone.
  • Hill descent control: The vehicle provides additional braking power for greater stability when descending steep inclines.
  • Roll stability control. The Range Rover Sport’s advanced traction control system compensates for sharp turns to prevent rollover accidents.
  • Hill launch assist: After the vehicle is shifted into drive, the brakes hold for a few additional seconds to prevent inadvertently rolling backward.
  • Surround camera system: Drivers can select the innovative new surround camera system that employs multiple cameras to provide a 360-degree composite view of the area surrounding the vehicle.
  • Driver-assist technology: Advanced safety systems including lane departure warning, blind spot monitor, front parking aid, and more provide drivers with information about the road around them, allowing them to react appropriately.

Passive safety features

Drivers also have access to advanced Land Rover systems that work automatically to keep cabin occupants safe:

  • Automatic speed limiter: An onboard system allows drivers to set the maximum speed, which is ideal for drivers who like to go a little too fast as well as new drivers who are still learning control.
  • Advanced airbags: A suite of advanced airbags, including front airbags with passenger seat occupant detector, provide exceptional protection for passengers at every point. The system can even turn off the front seat passenger’s airbag if it detects that a child is in the seat to prevent airbag injury.
  • Driver condition monitor: The driver condition monitor uses specialized sensors to detect if the driver has become distracted or inattentive, alerting the driver if it senses a break is needed.

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